Storm Your Brain LLC

Creating Solutions Using Customized Communications Tools & Strategies


The Short Story:
Kim is an award-winning, creative marketing strategist, with a focus on corporate communications, integrated marketing, branding, and web content development and strategy.

She’s an energetic and seasoned professional dedicated to providing targeted, solution-based integrated marketing strategies in fast-paced, demanding environments. She is known for her reputation to get things done on time and on budget.

In her nearly twenty years working in different industries and different companies, she’s gained diverse experience in developing, directing and executing complex, multi-component marketing and communication plans and programs. She possesses a unique, highly sought-after blend of strongly balanced left and right-brained skills. She’s worked extensively on integrated marketing communications campaigns and business development programs, and has big passion for online initiatives and web content development.

She founded Storm Your Brain specifically to use her talent and experience to help businesses improve their existing marketing programs, and to help them create new ones when they are needed. For more on the nuts-and-bolts, check out her LinkedIn profile.

The Long Story:
One of the things that drives me crazy is when I hear people say things like “I don’t have a creative bone in my body”. It really grinds my gears, to quote Peter Griffin, the long-suffering patriarch of the Griffin family on TV’s irreverent, yet hilariously funny Family Guy. It bothers me because we are all creative, some of us are just better at realizing it, tapping into it, or putting it into action. After a number of years working in the corporate jungle, I’ve met and worked with many people who, when in a group working session, would felt the need to provide that disclaimer when bringing forward an idea or thought.

“Well, I don’t have a creative bone in my body, but what do you think about this [insert *stupid* idea here],” they might say when faced with participating in a brainstorming or idea generation session. It was as if they were afraid to share for fear of bringing a “stupid idea” to the table.

There really are no stupid ideas. Sure, some may not work as well as others, or be as feasible as others, but ideas are ideas, and even when one might seem stupid, there is usually some sort of reasoning behind it that deserves further investigation and development. Most people don’t go that extra step, but that’s where I believe the most magic can happen.

Over these years working with ‘creative-boneless’ people, I found that my attitude toward creativity drew those people to me. I became a sounding board of sorts. A safe haven to let their guard down to discuss their business challenges as well as their ideas how to solve them. I’ve helped all sorts of people break through those blocks to help them find the truly viable and successful solutions they were looking for.

I’ve worked with salespeople, corporate communicators, artists, retailers, and all other sorts of people struggling to turn their ideas into action, or looking for better results from the actions they’ve taken.

And that is what Storm Your Brain is all about. Finding ways to take those ideas and turn them into solutions that work. It’s about taking what already exists and making it better. It’s about harnessing the power of the idea – no matter how big, how small, how innovative, or how stupid – and making something happen.

So what’s your idea?


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