Netflix debacle goes from bad to worse

Now that September is here and our new Netflix prices have gone into effect, no to mention we are right on the heels of not so great news on their performance and their announcement of loss of customer base, here’s the latest on the WHY straight from the horse’s mouth, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. As a marketer, a communicator, and a current Netflix customer, this new development is – the only word I can think of – laughable. Mashable breaks this announcement down really well, so I won’t take the time to paraphrase or reiterate; their post really nails it.

I hung in there when they raised prices. I didn’t cancel or change my subscription package (until today), but this new development just made me not want to deal with two companies, separate billings, and what I can only assume is coming, a loss of seamless, one-stop-shopping for my video rentals. Sorry Netflix, count me in for streaming, but Qwikster, not interested…

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